Auctions & Resale

Retain Control of YOUR Tickets

The Vallitix Ticket Marketplace gives your patrons an online marketplace to easily sell their tickets when unable to attend an event. The seller is rewarded with credits for future purchases and locks in their loyalty. The buyer can feel assured that the tickets they are purchasing are legitimate and sanctioned by the venue. Rest assured that you control the events and types of tickets available for resale on the Marketplace; you have the ability to restrict complimentary, promotional, discounted, or specialty tickets from ever being listed.

The Vallitix Ticket Marketplace may also facilitate venue-sponsored ticket auctions via this secured and certified sales channel. You as the venue receive the financial benefits of incremental revenue generated from market-driven pricing. List anywhere from a few premium locations to entire seating sections on the Marketplace and let your customers decide their value!

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Tickets for this event are no longer available online. Please see the venue box office or your local Vallitix outlet. xclose