Electronic Marketing

Target Your Marketing

The Vallitix email marketing system allows you to quickly and inexpensively send targeted, personalized communications to your customers to drive online ticket sales and strengthen customer relationships. This turnkey solution will aid in customer awareness through the promotion of online singles, seasons, renewals, and ticket packages. Sell out your events and performances with last minute incentives while also highlighting upcoming opportunities.

Our email marketing platform is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, print advertising, and telemarketing programs. Reduce your average response time from 6-8 weeks via regular mail to 48 hours or less. Provide live links to website content such as ticket sales, promotions and upcoming events, as well as broadcasting last minute event changes such as cancellations and parking/traffic alerts.

Stand Alone Email Blast

As an enhancement to our electronic marketing platforms, Vallitix supports retargeting campaigns to encourage prospective buyers to purchase tickets to  our events. In its most basic form, retargeting serves ads to potential customers who have visited your website and subsequently left without making a purchase. This is accomplished by displaying your event-specific ads to the user on a variety of websites as they continue to browse the internet. Once the user clicks on the banner ad, they are returned to the purchase page for your event. Although conversion rates vary by organization, Vallitix clients typically realize significant ROIs through retargeting.

Retargeting 03

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